The Heritage Group of Withington Civic Society is active in all aspects of the history of Withington, Ladybarn and Old Moat, from education to conservation, from promotion to managing archives, from publications to an advice service. We run events and mount displays on historical topics, are active in the conservation of our history, have an ongoing Oral History Project recording memories of the area, maintain an archive of articles covering many aspects of our history, and publish books, including a guided tour of Withington Village; a collection of wartime memoirs; and an account of the fascinating history of a local church organ. We have recently been involved in a number of successful applications for funding conservation projects, and run a Music Festival celebrating the role of the area in musical history. For more details of our history, see
Withington Civic Society maintains an extensive online archive of local history, including old maps, old photographs, an oral history collection, and many articles on aspects of our history. This archive is available at
How can people get involved?

To become involved, or simply to contact us: email

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