135 men and women from Greater Manchester went to Spain to fight fascism and defend democracy in the Spanish Civil War. The International Brigade Greater Manchester Group keeps alive the memories of those men and women who fought for the Republican cause in the Spanish Civil War or worked in the Aid to Spain movement in Greater Manchester.
How can people get involved?
Contact: doloreslong@fastmail.fm  or 0161 226 2013
Twitter: @IBGtrManchester
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Second Row Left to Right Picture 1: : Spanish people at the October 2020 International Brigade commemoration in Manchester. They include some supporters of the international Marea Granate Spanish migrant workers' network and the Communist Party of Spain (PCE).
Second Row Left to Right Picture 2:  Hilary Jones, left, and Dolores Long, of the International Brigade Greater Manchester Group with commemoration wreaths for local volunteers and supporters who supported the International Brigade in Spain 1936-39. Pictured at the Peterloo memorial speakers platform in Manchester, October 17, 2020. 
Third Row Left to Right Picture 1: Dolores Long of the International Brigades Memorial Trust and International Brigade Greater Manchester Group speaking at the October 2020 commemoration event outside Manchester Central Library. Her address included the famous 'You are legend' speech given in Barcelona in 1938 by the Spanish politican Dolores Ibarruri, nicknamed 'La Pasionaria'.
Third Row Left to Right Picture 2: From left, Paul Johnson, Dolores Long and Hilary Jones, who have family links to former leading International Brigade volunteers and supporters, with wreaths. Floral tributes were laid at the Peterloo memorial speakers platform in Manchester. October 17, 2020

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